Download 4Connect for Pocket PC 1.3 Game
  • 4Connect for Pocket PC 1.3

    Last Updated : 2011-08-06

    License : Demo / $14.95

    OS : Windows CE


    File size: 469KB

4Connect for Pocket PC 1.3: Prepare to challenge your mind with our new brain teaser, our interpretation of the age old classic.

The first player to get four checkers lined up in a row in any direction, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal wins the game. Players take it in Turns to drop counters until a player wins the game or the Grid is full, in which case the game is a tie.

Play against a friend locally or over a Bluetooth / WiFi network, or if your short of friends try pitting your wits against a computer player. Games can be played at your own pace or against the clock for added excitement. If the standard 7x6 play area is too restrictive you can choose from a selection of larger sizes.

Key Features:

Play against a friend or a computer player.
3 levels of difficulty.
Play over a WiFi network.
Play over Bluetooth network or serial port.
Selectable play area sizes.
Play against the clock.
Configurable key setup.
Portrait and landscape modes.

Requirements: Windows Mobile 2003,Windows mobile 5.0/6.0