Download A Valley Without Wind 0.500 Game
  • A Valley Without Wind 0.500

    Last Updated : 2011-09-28

    License : Demo / Free

    OS : Windows 7, Vista, XP

    Publisher: Arcen Games, LLC

    File size: 241MB

BS Editor: Environ has been shattered in the Wake of an unknown cataclysm, with only small pockets of humanity left in its wake... What will you do in this strange new world?

The creators of AI WAR bring you a procedurally-generated 2D side-scrolling adventure of limitless proportions. Survive and explore a vast persistent world filled with dangerous creatures, powerful magic, and ancient technology. Do so while helping other survivors establish settlements, gathering resources to craft, fending off evil Invaders, and more.


- Explore the beautiful and dangerous regions of Environ in a sprawling adventure. Travel through lush countryside, Ruined towns, deep subterranean caves, and buildings of all shapes and sizes.

- Procedural-generation ensures no Two Worlds will ever be the same. Your planet unfolds as you discover it, and once you've discovered something it becomes part of your Environ for good.

- Take command of survivor settlements. Scout surrounding areas for rare crafting materials and fend off invaders in the turn-based strategic overlay. Improve resident productivity and quality of life through the city-building interface at each settlement.

- Bring to life an infinite amount of characters, settings and stories. You don't just represent an individual, you represent an entire civilization and its indomitable will to survive in a shattered world.

- Everywhere has treasures to discover, people to help, and evils to confront. Craft a variety of spells, scrolls, and traps to help you on your way.

- During beta, there are new updates nearly every weekday -- packed with additional content, improvements, and much more.

Requirements: No special requirements