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  • Arian Wild 1.03

    Last Updated : 2011-08-02

    License : Demo / N/A

    OS : Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

    Publisher: Craze

    File size: 27.08MB

BS Editor: On the same day within the same hour, two souls suffered grave misfortune. One is the illegitimate prince of a great empire; an idealist, strong and true, his desire for change lead to his demise. The other is a great demon king; though intelligent and wise, his complacency and lack of vision resulted in his Downfall. Though the two are worlds apart, both figuratively and literally, they would soon after meet and, in their mutual desperation, form a demon's pact.

The significance this one stroke of chance would make upon the world would soon become apparent...

Arian Wild is a game made by the creators of Visions & Voices. It is a linear RPG in the vein of traditional role-playing classics, except for the many parts where it isn't.


-An engaging and dark story about a man thought dead by his country
-Custom animations, characters, enemies and scenes drawn by Karsuman
-Revisit altered versions of old Dungeons to find more loot and gain extra experience
-Four difficulty levels, ranging from Easy to Insane
-New Game+ option that allows you to replay a harder version of the game with your old skills
-Use your characters' feats to manipulate dungeons and interact with on-screen battle encounters
-Three unique skillsets to mix-and-match for each of six playable characters
-Equip artifacts to raise your stats and grant limited uses of additional skills in battle

Requirements: No special requirements