Download Attack of the Creeps 1.5 Game
  • Attack of the Creeps 1.5

    Last Updated : 2011-08-29

    License : Shareware / $9.99

    OS : Windows Vista, XP

    Publisher: Galago Games

    File size: 9.80MB

Attack of the Creeps 1.5: Creeps are attacking! In this tower defense game defend your land from being overrun by building defensive towers. Use Frost and Quake towers to slow the creeps down while pounding on them with Cannon towers. Don't forget to have a few Lightning towers ready for the flying creeps. Progress through 6 maps full of creeps and compete online or with friends for the highest score. How long can you survive?

Creeps are invading and your objective is to stop them from crossing the map. In the beginning of the game creeps are very weak and do not arrive often. As the game progresses the creeps get harder, arrive more often and give more gold and score. Use your towers to stop the creeps. Everytime you stop a creep you gain score and gold. Use gold to upgrade and build more towers.

Place your towers in rows or a spiral to casuse creeps to take a longer path to the Exit. Upgrade your towers. A level 2 tower deals more damage than two level 1 towers. Place Frost and Quake tower which slow creeps down near high damage dealing towers like Cannon towers. Spend your money. Keep an eye on your bank and don't let it get too high.

Click on an existing tower and press 'U' or double click to upgrade or 'S' to sell. Click on a Creep to see it's current health. Right click anytime to deselect.

Requirements: No special requirements