Download Complete Chaos 2.0 Special Edition Game
  • Complete Chaos 2.0 Special Edition

    Last Updated : 2011-08-02

    License : Freeware / Free

    OS : Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

    Publisher: Gates Independent

    File size: 71.62MB

BrothersoftEditor: Ten years ago, a great evil was unleashed unto the world. Sealed for over one thousand years, this evil threatened to seize control over both Celestia and EARTH. Joined by Eleven other friends, the Celestial Prince managed to successfully defeat the foe. The world was saved, and everything returned to normal...until now.

ERIC VENTURA, top cop of Rodger City, is sent on a mission to protect Jazz singer KYON-LEI KWON from a mysterious stalker who goes by the alias, "FACE." Eric's task takes an unexpected turn for the worse when he's suddenly confronted by a horrifying demon. Saved by an unidentified voice, Eric is given a unique set of powers, and saves the Jazz singer.

Soon after, Eric learns about the TWELVE DEMONS of CHAOS, twelve gods who each ruled over their own world in the dimension of Realm. Their corrupted society eventually led to their Downfall, and fearing of their defeat, they created three CHAOS STONES, where they hid and fled into a new dimension...Earth.

Using human flesh as a disguise, these demons walk among the earth, some aware of their ability, some not. If the twelve demons are reunited, their original form will return... as well as their hunger for galatic DomiNation.

Eric and Face race to find these demons, though the battle lines aren't as defind as you'd think, once motives become clear and manipulation sinks in. Can Eric and his friend trust the voice guiding them.....or does the voice have a motive of its own?


- Arrow keys: move
- X, V or C: open menu
- Enter: action key (open doors or treasures / talk)
- Esc: back / exit

Also, as a "treat" if you will, this new version contains exclusive material not found in the original game, such as:

- More optional Dungeons
- Hidden playable characters
- 2 bonus endings (one good/one bad) that replace the original ending

Requirements: No special requirements