Download Darklaga 1.01 Game
  • Darklaga 1.01

    Last Updated : 2011-07-29

    License : Shareware / $9.95

    OS : Windows CE

    Publisher: Int13

    File size: 2.28MB

Brothersoft Editor: Engage pirate raiders aboard your Georoid, vaporize their weapons using your shield technologies, steal their energy to unleash highly potent attacks of your own, cut them in half with ricocheting blades, fire homing napalm missiles and watch them burn, melt them with your laser beams, or turn off all your advanced weaponry and go in with your basic equipment to get the highest score out of it.
* Incredible Graphics, including professional 2D artwork, handcrafted "pixel art" backgrounds and many realtime eye candy effects.
* Instant Play, very fast loading time and save state system enabling to restart the game exactly where it was leaved.
* Smooth Gameplay, with intuitive stylus or keypad controls, a clean interface, and console quality game engine providing 60FPS refresh rate on most devices.
* Three Difficulty Modes Adapted for Most Players
o Tourist : Really easy even for the beginners (includes tutorial)
o Normal : For the average player
o Hard : Not as easy...
And Seven Others Special Modes to Unlock
o Extreme for the hardcore players who need a real challenge
o Time Attack
o Geo-Destruct (+one secret level)
o Oldschool
o Warning Forever
o Reversed
o Freeze!

Requirements: pocket PC/Pocket PC 2002 or higher