Download Dirk Dashing: Secret Agent! for Mac 1.1.1 Game
  • Dirk Dashing: Secret Agent! for Mac 1.1.1

    Last Updated : 2011-08-23

    License : Shareware / $19.99

    OS : Mac OS X

    Publisher: My Game Company

    File size: 14.55MB

BS Editor: As agent Dirk Dashing, you have been assigned to recover the seven largest diamonds in the world, which were stolen by international jewel Thief, Pique Pockette. Pique's trail takes you to the Bavarian Alps of southern Germany, where you must battle enemy agents, avoid traps and icy hazards, and solve mysterious puzzles in order to save the day!

Along the way, you will recover stolen loot and collect spy gadgets like spring-loaded shoes and x-ray glasses that will help you in your mission!

Dirk Dashing features:

- No blood, no gore, no fist-fights, no gratuitous violence of any kind - Dirk uses knockout gas grenades to put his enemies to sleep, and other non-lethal means to defeat them!
- Huge levels to explore, packed with secret areas and hidden treasures!
- Cool spy gadgets that help you complete your mission!
- A wide variety of animated cartoon characters, hand-drawn in a traditional animation style!
- Spectacular hand-painted graphics, done with a combination of acrylic paints and watercolors!
- Parallax scrolling with up to 16 graphic layers, which gives the game an exciting 3D look!
- A rich collection of zany cartoon sound effects
- An original, upbeat music soundtrack!
- Play using keyboard, joystick, or game pad!
- Ability to save your game progress at any point!
- In-game instructions to get you started!

Requirements: MAC OS X 10.4 or higher