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  • Dogs Of The Seas

    Last Updated : 2011-08-03

    License : Freeware / Free

    OS : Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

    Publisher: Core Engineering GmbH

    File size: N/A

Dogs Of The Seas: You start your adventure as an unknown pirate in the heart of the Caribbean. Battle and
Trade your way to affluence and standing. Your armed battle ships that sail through the Caribbean shall make you Famous and dreaded pirate! Find valuable treasures, or hunt for other dreaded pirates. Take missions from the local agents, and qualify for adventurous smuggler jobs, pursue other smugglers or take part in regular events. Handle and trade with rare goods or produce valuable and powerful ships or cannons. Wild computer pirates and peaceful dealers populate the Caribbean waters along with thousands of fellow pirates. Sink your opponents and plunder their vessels in real-time battles player vs player (PvP) or against the computer generated factions. Trade with alliances or friends on the High Seas for valuable possessions. Create an alliance or join another to participate in the political turmoil of the Caribbean.


- 16 Ship classes from standard or customizable in 4 levels by building ships with blue prints.
- 64 Ship Blue Prints.
- 15 Cannon types
- 12 different production buildings.
- Massive world with 100s of town�s, harbours and bays in 6 regions.
- 2 factions of npc in 64 levels of difficulty. Advanced Tactics and AI.
- 1000s of different Npc Loot combinations
- Alliances with up to 60 members.
- Treasure hunts with 5 sets of 9 map Fragments
- Smuggler runs in 5 levels.
- Hunters in 5 levels
- 100s of complex missions or quests
- 6 Skill sets with 3 sub-skills. Time based skilling up to level 60
- Trade and merchants
- Manufacture and Construct
- Player vs Player wars.
- NPCs with advanced AI
- Unique equipment
- 1000s of items
- Large international Community
- Player owned property
- Alliance owned territories

Requirements: No special requirements