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  • Earth 2150

    Last Updated : 2011-11-02

    License : Demo / Free

    OS : Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

    Publisher: TopWare, Inc.

    File size: 79.48MB

EditByBSEditor: Play is simple, yet Complex: where as you gather resources and build an army during the game as normal, you must complete the game by sending enough resources for the Evacuation Ship within a time limit. The terrain starts off as Arctic, but soon changes to spring, then summer terrain. Next, the water evaporates, turning the EARTH into a desert, and by the game's end the name “Hell” may be a better word for the planet; volcanic terrain and rivers of lava show that the planet is in dire straits, not only giving the player different visuals of different terrains, but also an incentive to complete the game (though there is an inaccuracy: the late-game mission selection globe depicts both poles turned into ocean, even though Antarctica is a real continent, not an ice shelf). Tardy or unskilled players are greeted with a failure screen showing the Earth exploding, meaning that your faction, and possibly the entire human race, becomes extinct. However, you cannot stockpile and build the Evacuation Ship alone - the player must engage the enemy in order to secure new stockpiles of minerals to haul away. The player's minerals are taken to their main base (which never changes and is available for use during the missions). You can move Between your main base and the mission in real time (a bit like playing two different maps at once).

Requirements: No special requirements