Download Ferazel's Wand 1.0.3 Game
  • Ferazel's Wand 1.0.3

    Last Updated : 2011-08-23

    License : Shareware / $20

    OS : Mac OS 9

    Publisher: Ambrosia Software, Inc

    File size: 21.62MB

BS Editor: In the mystical underground caverns of Teraknorn, the peaceful Habnabits gathered magical ziridium crystals and practiced their ancient magical arts. One horrible day, the evil Insectoid Manditraki invaded, pillaged, and killed the Habnabits with impunity. Their quest - control of the ziridium mines - was given to them by their Dread Queen Xichra.

Ferazel's Wand - the most colossal game from Ambrosia to date - puts you inside the cloak of Ferazel. Jump, cast spells, and travel to the reaches of Teraknorn, enhancing your skill and learning new spells along the way. But each spell uses magic points, so use your magic wisely! Xichra is waiting for Ferazel in her lair - only with strength, wisdom, and experience can she be vanquished.

Requirements: No special requirements