Download Flyghty for Mac 1.1 Game
  • Flyghty for Mac 1.1

    Last Updated : 2011-08-25

    License : Shareware / $15.00

    OS : Mac OS X

    Publisher: NostWare

    File size: 2.10MB

BrothersoftEditor: Four mountain peak heights for launch/Landing slopes o More zoom levels and extreme elevator deflections o Biplane has better handling, retractable gear and flaps o Plane damage due to ground contact and enemy fire o Protect your runway and carrier from balloon bombs o Missions add descriptions and completion bonuses Design your own airplane. Alter mono and biplane Wings, tail surfaces, body length, and rotary engine size. Modifications affect flight and ground dynamics: Thrust, lift, drag, weight and Inertia. Civilian options include takeoffs, landings, loops, stalls, dives, wind, fog and various equipment failures. Military options add an aircraft carrier, catapult, tail-hook, enemy planes, Battleships and machine guns.

Requirements: No special requirements