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  • Global Bowling 1.8

    Last Updated : 2011-08-15

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    OS : Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me


    File size: 4.85MB

BS Editor: This game is powered by an ultra realistic physics engine: balls and pins will obey actual physics laws! You start in the Global Bowling world with 2 low quality balls and 5 credits. Earn credit in the official challenges and tournaments. Invest in new balls and tournaments fees and aim To The Top! With a network connection, you can challenge a friend anywhere in the world. How good are you as a Virtual Global Bowler? Send your stats to participate to the Global Bowling rankings and find out!! FEATURES: 4 different human players. In official games, the audience may cheer your performance. 9 interactive view modes (both fixed and action-following cameras). Action replay with slow motion option. Three different, very intuitive release systems (Mouse Based, Static and Dynamic). Ability to REV The Ball on all the 3 rotation axis (to handle any lane surface!). 10 different lane types with specific characteristics: different oil patterns (flat, Christmas Tree, block, Reverse block), frictions (oiled and dry zones), oiled zone extensions. 35 types of balls with different features: ball covers (plastic, reactive, particle, urethane) with specific hook potentials and reactions and ball quality. Weights from 10 to 16 lbs. 50 different tournaments on 10 lanes. 3 Tournament levels (amateur, expert, pro). 2 principal kinds of tournaments (elimination and cumulative). 21 kinds of personal statistics (both for human players and pc bowlers). 7 rankings (best average, tours won, etc.). 95 different skill levels of PC bowlers. The computer learns to play from human bowlers' techniques. PC players categories from Amateur to Pro. Minimum system requirements are 600Mhz cpu, 128Mb ram, 8Mb 3d video card, DirectX8.1 or greater.

Requirements: DirectX 8.1 or higher