Download Hordes of Orcs 1.1.4 Game
  • Hordes of Orcs 1.1.4

    Last Updated : 2011-08-29

    License : Shareware / $24.95

    OS : Windows XP

    Publisher: Freeverse Software

    File size: 45.39MB

Hordes of Orcs 1.1.4: Hordes of Orcs is a Tower Defense game in which you must build walls and lethal towers to defend your village from the Orcs emerging from, what the village elders call, “The Glowing Portal of Really Bad Things That We Should Have Bricked-Up a Long time Ago.” Sadly, the Portal is un-bricked and the Orcs are very, very hungry. If 20 Orcs make it to your village, you’re toast.
To kill the Orcs, buy some Towers. Arrow Towers are cheap and weak, Radiation towers are expensive and deadly. Each Tower has its own unique abilities, and each tower can be upgraded to do more damage or to have more range. Click on a tower to see its stats and upgrade cost. Should you build lots of Arrow Towers? Or a few Fire Towers? Well, that’s where the strategy comes in!

Each time you kill an Orc you’ll get some cash… (like pinatas, Orcs are full of candy and money as everybody knows).

Remember, certain Orcs are resistant to certain Towers, (Fire can’t hurt the Orcs in Red for example), so a combination of Towers is your best bet. Clicking on a marching Orc will show you that Orc’s health and special properties.

Requirements: No special requirements