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  • Island Sky

    Last Updated : 2011-08-02

    License : Freeware / Free

    OS : Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT


    File size: 18.46MB

BrothersoftEditor: Welcome to The Island of Azulea. It is vacation time, and the students that go to the University in Seaside city are taking a break from the pressures of school. So the best way to enjoy it is to have fun at the beach, right? Usually yes, but not today. For the day of 4 University students and a teacher are going to get quite interesting...

This game is essentially a simple tactical RPG. The characters each have their own skillset, and an energy bar which goes up each turn so you can pull off a special attack. At a level up, you can choose to raise 2 stats, or put those towards raising your class. Doing so will upgrade their skills when they have 10 points toward their class.


E-mail, Media player, and Shop online. After unlocking an area, you usually get an e-mail. Either it’s a message from a friend, or a coupon for free items in Shop online. It could also be photos for your photo album. Media player lets you change the song playing in the background. Shop online lets you shop anywhere, and not just in the town. The items are upgraded after every area unlock.


* Sabrina: The computer geek, she uses both recovery and Elemental magic
* Lisa: The shy girl, she uses buffs, and hits longer range
* Angela: The outgoing teacher, she uses elemental magic
* James: The guy who speaks in old english and likes Sabrina, he uses weapon skills
* William: The prankster, he uses long ranged attacks


* Arrow keys: Move
* Z or Enter: Confirm/Select/Talk/Attack
* X or Escape: Cancel/Flee (In battle while choosing characters)

Requirements: No special requirements