Download Jack o's Revenge Pinball 1.2 Game
  • Jack o's Revenge Pinball 1.2

    Last Updated : 2011-08-15

    License : Shareware / $9.95

    OS : Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

    Publisher: H+Soft Retro Arcade Entertainment

    File size: 6.03MB

BS Editor: Like pinball? How about pinball where you can steer the ball, break blocks, collect items, destroy ugly monsters or best of all, the ball is a Jack-o-Lantern to smack around? Yep, Jack-o's back in a pinball themed game! This is not a sequel by any means but a spin-off of the original platformer Jack-o's Revenge. As in the the first game, you must collect all five of the magic items and jump in the final cauldron to Reverse a witch's horrible spell! Will you find all the magic items? Will the witch be destroyed? Not in this game! Ok, Ok on with the objective. As in real pinball, you start by launching the ball (Jack-o). Once launched, prepare for the craziest pinball setup you've ever played! The concept (not the game play) is simple! Steer Jack-o around collecting magic, bouncing off bumpers and Crystal Balls, collecting as many points as you can. Get all of the 'Yellow' magic in an area to unlock a Skull Portal (the skull and crossbones boxes). Steer Jack-o into one of these when the eyes are flashing and the mouth is moving to enter a Bonus Board. The Bonus Boards are simple, break the blocks and hit the '?' Bonus Boxes to earn bonus points and magic. To Exit a Bonus Board drop out the bottom of the screen. Through out the Main Board are Dragon Statues holding a blue crystal ball. Hit these crystal balls to blow out a Dragon Statue's belly. Aim for the belly to enter a Magic item Board. Break all the opposing blocks to gain access to the magic item. Collect the magic item and drop out the bottom of the board to exit. Collect all five items, find the cauldron, land in it and find out what happens!

Note:Requires H+Soft Arcade v1.5+

Requirements: H+Soft Arcade 1.5 or higher