Download Mario Game: Super Mario Classic: Improved Original Edition Game
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Classic: Improved Original Edition

    Last Updated : 2011-08-23

    License : Freeware / Free

    OS : Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

    Publisher: Zero Kirby

    File size: 3.50MB

BrothersoftEditor: My very first completed Mario game. I use the overworld style 2-D platforming viewpoint often in My Games, including Super Mario Classic: Return.

Anyway, this was originally finished around... let me see here... December 24th, 2006. So around last Christmas. As expected, I only had GM for four months, so the quality was lacking.

I have now remastered it, but kept the old, really bright graphics. Several glitches have been addressed and fixed.

The story is that Mario wants to bribe Bowser into kidnapping Peach, just to shake things up. Trouble is, Bowser already did, and now Mario gets to save money and save the princess. Good times!

Because it's old, it's not a terribly exciting game. But it has many unique concepts that earned quite a bit of praise.

Don't ask me to fix any lingering glitches, because I am finally DONE with this thing.


Requirements: No special requirements