Download Maruni Land: Krieg in der Ferne 5.4 Game
  • Maruni Land: Krieg in der Ferne 5.4

    Last Updated : 2011-08-23

    License : Shareware / N/A

    OS : Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me

    Publisher: Michael Hoffmann

    File size: 2.00MB

BS Editor: In this crazy platform game, rookie superhero Marty and his allies must again defend their homeland against wannabe world conqueror Scrapper, whose extradimensional master has seized a mobile battle station with enough power to destroy an entire city.

The classic platformer consists of about 50 levels, in which your goal is usually to reach the door to the next stage. Of course, you must avoid numerous enemies and traps, but Marty can use his superballs to fight them. Often it is necessary to collect various keys in order to open blocked paths, and each world ends with a boss to defeat. There are various treasures giving you points that will in turn allow you to gain extra lives in bonus rounds. The game can be played using the keyboard or a joystick and comes with detailed instructions, as well as an automatic save feature allowing you to start the game at any world already reached before. The story is told in entertaining cutscenes, but you can also disable them if you wish.
This software also supports the following language version:German,English.

Requirements: No special requirements