Download PDAPacMan GamePack (eXtreme & Classic) 1.0 Game
  • PDAPacMan GamePack (eXtreme & Classic) 1.0

    Last Updated : 2011-08-05

    License : Shareware / $20.97 Buy Now

    OS : Windows CE

    Publisher: PDA Advanced Ltda

    File size: 2.05MB

PDAPacMan GamePack (eXtreme & Classic) 1.0: 1. PacXtreme Game
Package Selector: Select the package of levels to play.

Level Selector


Direction Key SetUp

Game Speed: Adjust the game speed

Difficulty level: Customize GHOST aggresivity level

Move Pacman with the pen!

Extensive number of Worlds to play

Cookies counter

2. PacXtreme Designer
PDAPacXtreme Designer is a drawing tool used to Create World Packages to be used by PDAPacXtreme game on your

PocketPC. The PDAPacXtreme Designer Workshop has almost the same Paint Microsoft? program components.

The most fabulous and real version of the classic PacMan game, that allows you to experience the controlled emotion of the

challenge of new levels with the best speed and sounds. Be aware of the ghosts, they are behind you.

Great Display

HighScore: Statistics of played games.

Direction Key SetUp

Game Speed: Adjust the game speed (Fast, Medium, Slow).

Difficulty level: Customize ghost aggresivity level (High, Medium and Low)

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Improved Performance

Requirements: Xscale, Samsung, ARM