Download Pegged! for Palm 2.3 Game
  • Pegged! for Palm 2.3

    Last Updated : 2011-08-07

    License : Shareware / $12

    OS : Palm OS

    Publisher: RenderSoft Software and Web Publishing

    File size: 11KB

Pegged! for Palm 2.3: The objective of the game is to jump all the pegs until only one peg remains. Peg can be removed by jumping over it with another peg. You can only jump one at a time horizontally or vertically.

What's New
Smaller code, it is now 14K from the previous 19K.
Bug fix on automatic game incremental.
Show solution for random generated game puzzle.
Additional random game options. Game Sequence number and number of pegs.
Corrected the game layout for Modern Solitare.
Support small list icon for PalmIII
Fix compatibility with PalmIIIx and PalmV.
Game Features
A solvable random puzzle generator. You will have hours and hours of fun with this. User configurable board and puzzle type.
Support both tap and drag for moving the peg.
Support two different board type.
Full Undo/Redo ability. You can undo all Steps, till the start of the puzzle. The UNDO/REDO button will only be shown if there is any valid steps.
3-D looks and feel.
Animated UNDO.
Auto animated replay. At the end of each puzzle, you now have the option to replay the steps that you have taken to solve the puzzle.
End of game detection.

Requirements: PalmOS 2.0 or higher