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    Last Updated : 2011-08-03

    License : Freeware / Free

    OS : Windows Vista, XP, 2000


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Pi Story: In the days where nothing existed in the great abyss, the gods created a giant egg. From the egg came forth a new world filled with humans and a multitude of small spirits and demi- gods which ruled this world. This great egg and the origin of all birth was called ‘Pi.’

The Human race was protected from the dangers of the outside world, and a seemingly endless peace existed in the air.

Many, many years passed. Through birth and rebirth, humans began to grow in size and numbers. Once the world had seemed so large, but now there was not enough room for everyone, or so it seemed.
The land was divided into countless territories that arose from the constant bickering and disagreement,
and even the demi-gods began to fight amongst themselves for power.

Requirements: No special requirements