Download Pocket Adventures Pod 1.0 Game
  • Pocket Adventures Pod 1.0

    Last Updated : 2011-07-29

    License : Shareware / $4.95

    OS : Windows CE

    Publisher: Pocket Adventures

    File size: 291KB

EditByBrothersoft: In Pod, you must master the workings of an alien craft (a "Pod") in a gladiator-style battle of strategy and weaponry. You navigate using the direction pad while the stylus selects and fires your weapons at the enemy vehicles. It's kill swiftly or die painfully in this fast-paced, multi-level save-the-EARTH action/strategy game. The aliens have taken over our planet. Are you going to let them keep it?

The Story
Five years ago, aliens invaded the Earth. Those who fought back against the aliens were either captured or killed. You were one of the captured. To amuse themselves, the aliens send their captured humans into the Pod arena, where supposedly they have a chance to win their freedom if they survive. It's never happened... yet. After five years of captivity, it's finally your turn to play.


Three Weapon Types (Direct-Fire, Tracking, Lobbing)
21 Levels
Three Terrains
Adjustable Speed Control (Allows Bullet-time Effect),
User-Defined Scenarios w/ Maze Generator
Saved Highest Score.

Requirements: No special requirements