Download Rubies! 1.9 Game
  • Rubies! 1.9

    Last Updated : 2011-08-07

    License : Shareware / $5

    OS : Palm OS

    Publisher: Doron Kramarczyk

    File size: 137KB

Rubies! 1.9: Rubies is a action puzzle game in which you must remove all the rubies from the playfield. But first you must destroy all the Color Bricks, all while avoiding the deadly skull blocks.
This game is a mix of Breakout and a puzzle game.
This game is a clone of the a old HP48GX game diamonds.
* Puzzle Mode with 45 levels.
* Unlimited future puzzle levels via external puzzle databases.
* Puzzle Mode level database editor. (Create your own puzzle levels for fun or to sell!)
* Separate 8 name hi-score tables for each game type and/or database.
* Ability to use a TealPaint image as playfield background.

Requirements: No special requirements