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  • Runaway:The Dream of the Turtle Demo

    Last Updated : 2011-08-03

    License : Freeware / Free

    OS : Windows XP

    Publisher: Runaway 2

    File size: 431MB

Runaway:The Dream of the Turtle Demo: Runaway, a road adventure, released in Europe in 2003, injected adventure games with new life by becoming one the biggest hits of the year with over 600 000 PC units sold in Europe. What the Spanish development studio and game's creators, Pendulo, did that was so successful was to propose a distinctly adult adventure with a DUO of charismatic heroes, a cast of highly colourful characters and a good dose of humour. The whole cocktail looked good, and sounded good, served up as it was with an original eye-catching graphic style with the perfect soundtrack.

Aware of the expectations a sequel to Brian & Gina's adventures would trigger a few years after the first release, Pendulo Studios has taken its time to develop and improve this new episode called The Dream of the Turtle. The team has worked hard with a very clear and precise objective: to make the game better than the original in every way and offer an even funnier and captivating gaming experience.

Requirements: Processor: 500 MHzMemory: 256 MBVideo: 64 MB800x600 Screen resolutionDirectX 9.0c