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  • Stunt GP

    Last Updated : 2011-08-15

    License : Demo / Free

    OS : Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me

    Publisher: Team 17

    File size: 15.47MB

Stunt GP is an exhilarating single or multi-player racing game set in the world of high speed, radio-controlled stunt cars. Accelerate, skid, jump, and burn your way around loops, ramps, corkscrews, spirals, and other obstacles while battling with opponents for victory. By collecting 'Aeromile' rewards for daring stunts, players can increase their cash-flow and upgrade their car on the way to radio-controlled car heaven.

Sporting exclusively branded racing cars, over 24 race tracks and a fantastic, utterly dynamic physics engine, Stunt GP is a real eye opener! For racing and stunt action, no other title comes close to the exhilaration and sheer playability SGP offers.

Once in the world of make-believe branded RC cars, take part in organised or driven for fun tournaments, challenges and time trials. From crazy, stunt-laden tracks featuring mad cross-overs and loop the loops, to the energy charging pit bridge, unique environments and solid looking vehicles, Stunt GP is the most exciting racing/driving experience for years!


- Jump, spiral, loop-the-loop and take your racer to the limit across 24 'extreme' tracks.
- Drive one of 16 spectacular car models ranging through four separate racing classes.
- Choose from four distinctive branded, radio-controlled stunt car 'Boxed Sets'.
- Superb special effects include smoke Clouds from tyres and realistic engine noises.
- Earn rewards that allow you to buy upgrades for your car, all giving different racer performance.
- Change your car set-ups using nine types of components and up to five different upgrades for each car.
- Race through many single-player game modes including: SGP Tournament, Arcade, Freestyle, Stunt Mode, Time Trial and more.
- Record your fastest ever lap times and let others take on that challenge to 'Race the GHOST'.
- Split screen multiplayer action! (4 player on DC!)

Requirements: No special requirements