Download Super Mario Enough Plumbers Game
  • Super Mario Enough Plumbers

    Last Updated : 2012-01-30

    License : Freeware / Free

    OS : Windows 7, Vista, XP

    Publisher: Softendo Mario Games

    File size: 8.2MB

BS Editor: Super Mario series became very popular these days. Many years ago people had the opportunity to play Super Mario Bros on the old Nintendo consoles. Now this platform game is available on PC and we can find many versions of it. Thanks to this, Mario players can spend many hours behind their computer and playing their favorite platform game with a sympathetic plumber in the main role. The main scenario in Mario Games is the same. We need to fight with an evil dragon Koopa and his army to save the Princess and citizens of Toadstool. We can also find some games with other scenario and some of the does not have it. One of these games is Super Mario Enough Plumbers. It does not have any scenario. Our main character is a blue plumber (we can suspect that he is the friend of Mario or Mario, but with different clothes). His task is simple. He needs to collect coins and Create his Clones thanks to this. Our main character must reach the end of level with as many clones as he can. Of course he will meet many obstacles in his way and they need to be avoided. The plumber will also meet many opponents and he can neutralize them by jumping on their heads. If we go further in the game, it will be more complicated. It has the elements of logical game, because sometimes we need to find some switches and bonuses that will help us to complete the level. Beginners can find some help at starting level, because our plumber will meet a creature that will give him some hints that will help him to gain some knowledge about the controlling and other game elements. We can play on many interesting and complicated levels. We have to be skilful, observant and fast-thinking to complete the whole game. Its additional advantage is that we do not have to download it, because it is available on many websites and we can play it online. The music is interesting and the graphic is poor. The game does not have the specific climate of Mario Games, but it can be an interesting alternative for them. It is pe

Requirements: No special requirements