Download Super Mario Miner Game
  • Super Mario Miner

    Last Updated : 2012-01-30

    License : Freeware / Free

    OS : Windows 7, Vista, XP

    Publisher: Softendo Mario Games

    File size: 4.9MB

Mario is a character that is well-known for his many talents. He is not only a plumber, but he is also a very brave Hero that saved Toadstool and its citizens many times from the hands of the evil dragon Koopa. Thanks to the game Super Mario Miner we can learn about his another talent – Mario is a good miner. The main task of a player in Super Mario Miner is collecting coins and Gems from the underground. Our hero has a special device that allows him for this work. He has to aim the target and catch it with the device. Of course it is not an easy task especially on further levels. We will meet many obstacles that have to be avoided. Our hero will also have the possibility of using many elements that will allow him for bombing the rocks and getting to gold coins and gems. Every player has to avoid rocks and other unnecessary and dangerous elements. They can be bombed, if we have the bomb. We can also increase the speed of catching and use other types of bonuses. The game does not have any scenario. The player’s main task is to get as many points in the limited time. If we reach the minimal amount of required points, we will pass to another, more difficult level. We can get the biggest amount of points for small gold coins and gems. We can also collect large gold and silver coins, but the amount of points for getting them is smaller. Every player can read the game instructions at the start. Fortunately, the game is not very complicated and what is more, it does not have any signs of violence. This makes the game ideal for the whole families even with the youngest players. Super Mario Miner can be downloaded legally and free from the Internet. It does not take a lot of free space on our hard drive. People who do not want to download this game can decide to play it directly in the Internet. It is possible thanks to many flash versions of Super Mario Miner. The game has the Mario’s climate, because we can find the main hero of Mario Series in this game.

Requirements: No special requirements