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  • The Adventures of Fatman

    Last Updated : 2011-08-03

    License : Demo / $9.99

    OS : Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

    Publisher: Wadjet Eye Games

    File size: 34.27MB

The Adventures of Fatman: You are Fatman, defender of the city of Shadowlawn. Just when you're complaining about how dull things have been, a supervillain named Toxicman is created from a botched act of corporate sabotage!

Can you tear yourself away from food long enough to save the city from certain destruction?


* Classic VGA Lucasarts inspired artwork!
* Visit over 30 unique locations!
* Meet over 20 characters!
* Voices, with over 1,000 lines of dialog!
* Original Soundtrack with 50+ tracks!
* Easy & Hard modes! (amateur/veteran)

Requirements: No special requirements