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  • The Ward

    Last Updated : 2011-08-05

    License : Demo / -

    OS : Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

    Publisher: Fragile Bits

    File size: 25.98MB

The Ward: According to Webster's dictionary, the Ward = a person who has been placed under the care of a higher power; the act of keeping guard or protective watch: watch & ward; Archaic. to protect; guard.

The best approach to playing a point'n'click adventure game like the Ward is to explore every location thoroughly. Move your cursor all over the screen to see which things highlight the description above, try different objects together, and talk to all the characters you meet. The game runs logically and smoothly.

This is The Ward playable demo.

Please run SETUP.EXE to unpack music, first.

For music you'll need additional 70 Megs on disk where demo is.

After SETUP, you should run WARDDEMO.EXE to start demo.
If WARDDEMO.EXE not found - find WARDDEMO.EX_ and rename it to WARDDEMO.EXE.

In MANUAL.DOC - you'll find user manual

Requirements: No special requirements