Download Uplink 1.6.0 Game
  • Uplink 1.6.0

    Last Updated : 2011-08-05

    License : Shareware / $25

    OS : Mac OS X

    Publisher: Ambrosia Software, Inc

    File size: 14.44MB

Uplink 1.6.0: Welcome to the world of the cyber-hacking game Uplink. The world no longer need be conquered by armed Warriors brandishing guns. Connected to the world's Matrix of computer networks via a fragile electronic tether, those with the knowledge and skill to manipulate critical computer systems are the new warriors, armed with weapons of their own.

Inside a room illuminated by the soft glow of a computer monitor, the sound of a muted dial tone breaks the monotony of the rhythmically humming computer systems. A poignant pause, and then the fingertips.

Uplink is akin to a more cerebral incarnation of Ambrosia's popular Escape Velocity series of games, with missions that interweave a threaded plot which is unveiled with each conquest. Only this time, you soothing sound of computer systems negotiating communication. You're in. The world is at your have only your intellect, hacking skills, and the computer systems you've compromised to aid you.

Requirements: For Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher