Download WidgetTD for Mac 1.0 Game
  • WidgetTD for Mac 1.0

    Last Updated : 2011-08-29

    License : Shareware / $15.00

    OS : Mac OS X

    Publisher: Graybox Games

    File size: 24.28MB

WidgetTD for Mac 1.0: Build and control futuristic towers to prevent relentless Invaders from reaching the end of the maze. With beautiful 3D graphics, WidgetTD is an innovative action-strategy game that combines First Person Action with Tower Defense Style Strategy! Oustanding among the many innovations introduced in WidgetTD, an exclusive Tower View mode allows the player to take control of powerful Turret Towers, slow enemy progress using Cold Towers and guide explosive ballistic missiles from Silo Towers. Heat up the action with Flame Towers, make a splash with Poison Towers and send a shock with the Electric Tower! Built-in mazes including Easy, Normal, Hard and Impossible, plus 5 original music tracks accompany the gameplay. 6 types of towers and multiple upgrades are at your disposal to stop over 40 types of robot invaders.

Unlockable Random mode, a custom Maze Editor and a Maze Browser infinitely extend the gameplay! Additionally, an online Leader Board allows players to share High Waves and view other players' achievements! WidgetTD is a single player game designed to be played on a single machine. Although a network connection is not required, if available, the connection will be used to automatically check for Version Updates, view Leader Boards, the Maze Browser and for sharing of High Waves and Custom Mazes. The game demo includes a tutorial mode, a limited Normal maze, Maze Editor and Maze Browser. Purchase of a registration key is required to unlock the full game.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher