Download Wordful for Palm OS 1.1 Game
  • Wordful for Palm OS 1.1

    Last Updated : 2011-08-08

    License : Shareware / $9.95

    OS : Palm OS

    Publisher: Beiks, LLC

    File size: 150KB

Wordful for Palm OS 1.1: Wordful is a word puzzle game in the spirit of Literati, eWords and others. It is also a great way of learning new words or developing vocabulary in any language or science area. In fact, here is what we think Wordful is:

Wordful is fun
Although it will surely depend on your definition of fun, we invite you to give it a try and see for yourself. There is always a way to get challenged. Hollywood stars, baby names, mountains, states, business terms...there's something for everyone!

Wordful is great for learning languages
Knowledge is best built in games and Wordful is a great way of introducing yourself to a new language while playing. Equally effective for children and adults, the game even allows for measuring and tracking your progress! Chose a word list, play a week and compare might be surprised!

Wordful can be adjusted to your level and Topic of interest
Use the various pre-created word lists or Create your own ones with the free Wordful wordlist builder, available in a separate download. (currently only available for Microsoft Windows)

Wordful develops your brain and unconventional thinking
Finding words, figures and patterns is a classic exercise for the brain. And reading backwards or downside up Forces it to work on a totally different gear! This can be both relaxing and useful...maybe not as relaxing as mountain hiking and not as useful as building marketing strategies...but sometimes that's exactly what you need, isn't it?

Requirements: Palm OS 3.5 or higher