Download World War One Gold Patch 1.08o Game
  • World War One Gold Patch 1.08o

    Last Updated : 2011-11-02

    License : Freeware / Free

    OS : Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

    Publisher: Matrix Games

    File size: 27.42MB

BS Editor: Version 1.08o

New features:
- Introduced the Play-by-Email mode!
- Added aggressivity level setting for stacks (used by battle AI and PBEM)
- Added graphics for Chinese Forces

- Military AI now carefully checks the supply status of areas also when considering the camoflage stacks placement opportunities if the difficulty level is set 4+
- Immobilized armies and fleets are now not counted anymore for assignment of detached forces (drag & drop or forces management window)
- Corrected some Italian, Spanish and German texts
- Introduced limitations in building special units (i.e.: arab forces of Senussi army or Arab army of Lawrence)
- Improved the retreat to nearest friendly port Procedure in case of fleets evacuation
(*) Introduced an event that brings the automatic removal of Immobilization rule for French and Austrian armies on Alps frontiers when Italy enters the WAR
- Military AI tweaked to make amphibious and expeditionary corps offensives outside of Europe allowed only to Japan, France and Great Britain (moddable)
- Improved activity of Military AI in army-to-army mode
- General AI improved (military and battles)
- Zeppelins now may have a range value up to 40
- PBEM ORD file names are now more descriptive
- Improved random factors synchronization in PBEM
- Rules for retreat and enemy reinforcements before battle can now be activated also in WEGO mode
- PBEM Battle AI now can play only battle events
- Max number of displayed hit points of naval squadrons is now 7+
- Max number of rows in Units DB increased to 1535
- ORD file is now generated every time game is saved

Requirements: No special requirements