Download Yipe! III 1.4 Game
  • Yipe! III 1.4

    Last Updated : 2011-08-02

    License : Shareware / $5

    OS : Mac OS 9

    Publisher: Yipe Software

    File size: 608KB

The town of Yipe is a peaceful burg, located high up in the mountains. Unfortunately, the surrounding world is not always friendly. In the landscape surrounding Yipe there are many caves to explore. In the past few months, evil monsters have started coming up from the caves and attacking the citizens of Yipe. Also, the king's rare stamp collection was stolen, and the monarch thinks that there may be a link Between his missing stamps and the sudden increase in Monster attacks. The king orders you to start exploring the caves near town to look for clues that will lead to the location of his precious stamps. Oh, and the king also mentions that his daughters have vanished, and he's not sure if they've been kidnapped or if they simply ran away from home. In any case, great treasure awaits you if you can find them and return them to Yipe.

Requirements: No special requirements