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Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash 艾米丽和她的朋友们

Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash 艾米丽和她的朋友们

Language Support -

English | Chinese


OS Support -

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

文字游戏  | 文字冒险 | 成人 | 视觉小说 | 互动小说 | 裸露

Word Game | Adult | Visual Novel | Interactive Novel | Nudity

Emily has a problem. One day, a long, meaty cock appeared in between her legs. Ashamed of her new member, she became a shut-in and avoided opening up to other people. The fact that she has to beat her meat multiple times a day to stay sane doesn't help either. She now works at a restaurant and bar, where no one else knows about her little (huge) problem.

It's been several years now, and Emily has realized that unless she makes a change in her life soon, all she will have to look forward to is constant masturbation and loneliness. Help her overcome her fears and get her to open up to her co-workers. Perhaps in time they will open up (their legs) to her as well.