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Innocent Grape 葡萄成熟时

Innocent Grape 葡萄成熟时

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English | Chinese


OS Support:-

Windows | Steam Deck


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文字冒险 | 文字游戏 | 互动小说 | 视觉小说

Text Adventure | Word Game | Interactive Novel | Visual Novel

All of us have a dream. Be it making a lot of money, fixing mistakes of our past, acquiring a huge harem, or even fondling some boobs... These dreams are so different but oh so important! They give us strength and inspiration to stand up and move forward, despite everything. Truly, a marvelous trait unique to us as a species!


As for Anne's dream, well... Let's just say her dream is unusual and may seem weird to most normal people. You see, she wants to be... taken in a rough manner. Who ar