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Kaiju Princess 怠惰的怪兽公主不想工作 V1.071

Kaiju Princess 怠惰的怪兽公主不想工作 V1.071

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Language Support -

English | Chinese


OS Support -

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

SLG  | 恋爱 | 成人 | 模拟 | 互动 | 裸露 | 养成 | 时间管理

SLG | Romance | Adult | Simulation | Interaction | Nudity | Development | Time Management

You are an average, run-of-the-mill office worker who lives a drab and dull existence. Until... you get the balls to leave a message on a "homestay" website. This site is specially designed for women looking for a place to stay. Eager to meet your first visitor, you open the door and see a female wearing bizarre clothes, who claims to be a kaiju princess. Can anyone say... psycho?

Nevertheless, you two make a deal: You will provide shelter and basic necessities for the young lady, and the mysterious stranger will provide you with... *cough*... services.

Unfortunately, it soon becomes quite evident that the woman is indeed an alien invader. And to top it all off, she can summon kaijus and command them, which she does to carry out her mission... to destroy Earth! Even if you kick her out or manage to get her off the planet, the invaders will only send more ruthless kaijus to attack.

There's only one way to help save the planet: Make sure she meets the "minimum destruction requirements" set by her alien overlords. If you can do that, you can stave off utter annihilation. And thus, you join forces with the huge-titted kaiju princess.

Meet your destruction quotas in the time given and minimize damage and death in the city. At the same time, you need to make sure government agencies aren't onto you. There's only one thing that's more important than all that... living a great life and having fun with your hot kaiju companion!











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