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4.30更新 Uninhabited Island  v1.2.0.3 黄毛漂流记 v1.2.0.3

4.30更新 Uninhabited Island v1.2.0.3 黄毛漂流记 v1.2.0.3

根據評論,評等為 0.0 顆星(滿分為五顆星)

Language Support -

English | Chinese


OS Support -

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

SLG | 种田 | 恋爱 | 成人 | 休闲 | 互动

SLG | Farming | Romance | Adult | Leisure | Interactive

Main Plot:Due to a maritime accident, you unexpectedly find yourself on this island and receive a warm invitation to settle here. The village chief enthusiastically introduces you to other residents of the island: Ping, Aunt Lin, the carpenter, and others. Everyone is excited about your arrival. Your mission is to develop the island and embark on a series of exciting explorations.Gameplay:Maintain good relationships with NPCs through various distinctive tasks. Each NPC, with their unique personality, has different storylines. In your leisure time, you can earn island currency through mechanisms like fishing, planting, and selling. Use these earnings to purchase more building blueprints for island construction.You can also take a speedboat from the pier to visit other unique islands, meet more characters, and invite them to join in building the small island.







  • 林姨:一位和蔼贤惠的主妇,与女儿共同经营着一家武馆为生
  • 平儿:林姨的女儿,热衷于武术
  • 小爱:有点大大咧咧的商店店主
  • 村长:和蔼可亲的村长背后似乎有着不为人知的过往
  • 木匠:家里总是摆放着各种奇形怪状的道具
  • 酥酥:住在森林深处的猫娘,喜欢钓鱼技术高超的人
  • 小兰:温柔的邻家姐姐,但生活一直被某些原因困扰
  • 小倩:被封印了上千年的灵魂,性格却依旧体贴温柔
  • 莉莉姆:从异世界传送而来的恶魔生物,有着极大野心


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