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7.2 更新 Miss Neko: Pirates 船長:海盜來襲 v20240628 追加新角色 6月大更新

7.2 更新 Miss Neko: Pirates 船長:海盜來襲 v20240628 追加新角色 6月大更新

Language Support -

English | Chinese


OS Support -

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

海盗 | 角色扮演 | 动漫 | 成人 | 模拟

Pirates | Role Playing | Anime | Adult | Simulation

In "Miss Neko: Pirates," players take on the role of the captain of the "Lucky Coin," overseeing the protagonist's adventures on a pirate-infested island from a top-down perspective. Strengthen your character to survive in this hostile world.

Thrown into the sea by a mutinous crew, the captain of the "Lucky Coin" was left for dead.Yet, some mysterious force allows you to survive from death, surviving the depths as the crew believes they've killed their captain. Stripped of everything, can you seek revenge with formidable combat skills, reclaim your pirate ship, seize the island's treasures, and punish the mutineering crew?


Game Features:

Pirate-themed storyline and adventure
Diverse and characterful beast-girl crew members
Explore rich RPG maps
Engage in challenging top-down battles and equipment growth
Own your pirate ship, collect crew members to accompany you on board


在《Miss Neko: Pirates》中,玩家將扮演“幸運硬幣號”的船長,以俯視視角操作主角在一個充滿海盜的海島上進行冒險。強化你的角色,在這個對你有敵意的世界中存活下來。





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