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Alone in the Dark 鬼屋魔影

Alone in the Dark 鬼屋魔影

根據評論,評等為 0.0 顆星(滿分為五顆星)

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English | Chinese


OS Support:-

Windows | Steam Deck


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心里恐怖 | 角色扮演 | 冒险 | 动作

Psychological Horror | Role Playing | Adventure | Action

Alone in the Dark weaves a chilling tapestry of psychological horror and Southern Gothic charm, reimagining the iconic game that set the benchmark for the genre. We invite you to join us on a journey into madness, where each encounter could be your last. With each step you take closer to unravelling Derceto's mystery, the eyes that watch from the darkness grow hungrier. Every bullet means the difference between survival and an unthinkable end. The next door you unlock could lead to a nightmarish realm offering nothing but slashing claws, grasping tentacles, and frayed sanity. Journey to interbellum Louisiana, where an era of decadence hides a darker tale - of escape from past traumas and an intolerant society, into the waiting grasp of something darker, something that has patiently lurked for impossible eons. This is Alone in the Dark as you've never seen it - a skillfully-woven narrative of Southern Gothic elegance and eldritch madness that pays homage to its legendary origins while taking the next step forward in survival horror storytelling.


《鬼屋魔影(Alone in the Dark)》结合心理恐怖要素(Psychological horror)与南方哥特风格(Southern Gothic)的独特魅力,编织出了一幅令人不寒而栗的阴森画卷,重新诠释了这款生存恐怖类型游戏的标杆之作。我们诚邀你一同踏上这场疯狂之旅,你遭遇的每一次危机,都可能令自己殒命于此。随着你逐步靠近、揭露德西托庄园内潜藏的秘密,于黑暗中窥伺着的那双眼睛也会变得愈发饥渴。随着你逐步靠近、揭露德西托庄园内潜藏的秘密,于黑暗中窥伺着的那双眼睛也会变得愈发饥渴。你的每一发子弹都决定着自己是能够继续生存,还是会迎来出乎意料的终结。你开启的每一扇门,都有可能通往一个只充斥着利爪和触手、将人的理智逐渐消磨殆尽的噩梦。 前往两次世界大战期间(Interbellum)的路易斯安那州,在这个颓唐的年代,此处暗藏着一个更加阴暗的传说——为了逃离过往的创伤、逃离这个苛刻的世道,从而一步步落入那自亘古时期便耐心潜伏着的、某种更加黑暗之物的掌心。这就是全新的《鬼屋魔影(Alone in the Dark)》——由南方哥特风格的别样优雅与不可名状的疯狂精心交织而成的故事;在向著名的初代原作致敬的同时,更让生存恐怖(Survival horror)叙事的水平迈向了新的高度。



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