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Charming Hearts 怦然心动的她们

Charming Hearts 怦然心动的她们

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English | 中文


OS Support:-

Windows | Steam Deck


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视觉小说 | 全动态映像| 恋爱模拟

Visual novel | Full motion graphics | Dating simulation

"Charming Hearts" is a real-life interactive dating game. Players will experience panoramic love affairs with a variety of charming and diverse women from both sweet and salty, innocent to sensual perspectives.

Will it be love at first sight or the gradual development of affection over time? Will you feel tender affection for the adorable "her" or lean in close to the dominant "her"? Whether immersed in the gentle and intelligent whispers during handholding afternoons or lost in adventurous midnight escapades with a blushing and throbbing heart, players will meet, understand, and fall in love with women of different personalities, experiencing countless possibilities and facets of love.

Each choice leads to a different chemical reaction with "her," and every dilemma entwines the honey-like love in a captivating dance. The palpitations and excitement with them, like an endless waltz, carry an extremely soft tenderness, yet why does it come with a hint of bitterness?

—— Can an ordinary person like me also experience the blossoming of love someday?

—— Which flower of that flourishing tree will you pick?








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