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Little Kitty, Big City 小猫咪大城市

Little Kitty, Big City 小猫咪大城市

根據評論,評等為 0.0 顆星(滿分為五顆星)

Language Support: -

English | 中文


OS Support:-

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

冒险 | 剧情 | 角色扮演 | 动作 | 猫咪

Adventure | Drama | RPG | Action | Cats

A peaceful catnap turns into a whimsical adventure!Will you make your way home or will you explore what the big city has to offer first? I mean, getting home is obviously your main priority. Obviously. Well, it's one of your priorities. Maybe more of a guideline... It's definitely on your To-Do list somewhere! But first?



  • Explore the city at your own pace in an open-world playground filled with surprises!
  • Make friends with a colorful cast of chatty animals.
  • Complete quests, help your animal friends, or cause a total ruckus. It’s up to you.
  • Customize your Kitty with a plethora of very adorable hats!
  • Take a nap in the sunshine.
  • Find a way home...?





  • 扮演一只惟妙惟肖的小猫咪!
  • 探索一座充满惊喜的大城市!
  • 与个性鲜明的小动物们交朋友
  • 成为一只猫咪恶霸,在城市里制造各种恶作剧
  • 当然,你也可以选择做一只乖乖的可爱小猫
  • 一大堆非常可爱的小帽子,仅仅欣赏这些帽子就可以开心一整天!


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