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Love Tavern v2.1c 异世界爱情酒馆 v2.1c

Love Tavern v2.1c 异世界爱情酒馆 v2.1c

Language Support -

English | Chinese


OS Support -

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

SLG | 养成 | 经营 | 成人 | 模拟

SLG | Development | Management | Adult | Simulation

After your death due to a car accident, you have been summoned by the goddess to take care of a tavern in an Isekai world. Your job is to hire different girls from various tribes and races to help out the business there, as well as build up room by room of the tavern to expand the business.


  • Build various types of rooms on different levels to expand your business.
  • Hire girls of various races to adapt to customers' liking.
  • Manage and assign girls to four main tasks (Food Serving, Hunting, Cleaning, and Massage) to earn money.
  • Take care of your girls and dig more into their past to know them better.
  • Gather ingredients and cook different isekai foods to serve the local customers.


因车祸死亡后,你被女神召唤到异世界来经营一家小酒馆。你要聘请不同部落和种族的女孩子们,帮你一起经营生意, 同时还要建造房屋,让你的酒馆和生意不断扩张壮大。


  • 在不同等级可以建造不同房间,不断扩张你的生意吧!
  • 聘请许多不同种族的女孩来符合不同顾客的喜好。
  • 管理女孩并将其分配给四个主要任务(餐饮服务,狩猎,清洁和按摩)以赚钱。
  • 照顾好女孩,深入了解她们的过去,以更好地与她们相处。
  • 收集食材并烹饪不同的异世美食,以服务当地客户。


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