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Rebirth2:Beware of Mr.Wang 重生之老王2 馋我身子 SLG

Rebirth2:Beware of Mr.Wang 重生之老王2 馋我身子 SLG

根據評論,評等為 0.0 顆星(滿分為五顆星)

Language Support -

English | Chinese


OS Support -

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

SLG | 恋爱 | 成人 | 模拟 | 互动 | 2D

SLG | Romance | Adult | Simulation | 2D

This is a plot-oriented interactive puzzle game. The gameplay uses mouse clicks or drag-and-drop methods to promote the development of the plot. The game tells the story of an ordinary young man who pursues love, grows up in the process of hard work, and finally reaps friendship and love.


遊戲講述了一名普通青年在追求女神失敗後,陷入頹廢中,就這時從一位神秘的酒保處獲得了真理之眼開啟了透視能力,從此走上開掛人生! 看似和諧的校園藏著什麼秘密? ,小樹林裡的人到底在幹嘛?電車上黑手是誰?主角將使用真理之眼一一解開!至於選擇怎麼處理,就看你啦。



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