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Secret Toy 秘密玩具

Secret Toy 秘密玩具

Language Support -

English | Chinese


OS Support -

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

SLG | 管理 | 玩具 | 成人 | 绅士游戏

SLG | Management | Toys | Adult | Gentleman Games

One day, the protagonist receives a special order from his father, a business magnate, to start an adult product development business.
A new motivation blooms in the protagonist, who is tired of the days of inaction...


*Execute command
Execute each command by clicking the left mouse button

*How to play
1. Raise each level of sales, design, and technology by clicking the mouse.
2. When you enter the development menu, you will be able to develop new adult products.
3. Developed products are automatically delivered and generate profits.

* Defeat conditions
When recording a financial deficit in the monthly settlement


1. 通过点击鼠标,可以提升销售、设计和技术的各个层次。
2. 当你进入开发菜单时,你可以开发新的成人产品。
3. 开发的产品会自动交付并产生利润。