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Single By Choice v1.04 实力单身 v1.04

Single By Choice v1.04 实力单身 v1.04

Language Support -

English | Chinese


OS Support -

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

SLG | 管理 | 成人 | 绅士游戏 | 老司机 | 小黄油

SLG | Management | Adult | Gentleman Game

Over ten sets of dynamic, animated illustrations!

—-Story Introduction—-

You’ve inherited your family’s mysterious “Elegant Pheromones”, which give any women who breathe them in the insatiable desire to mate with you! Frankly, you’ve had enough of this curse, and have made it your mission to resist their advances and remain a permanent virgin... but do you really have what it takes to fend them off and stay single?

—-Game Mechanics—-

  • Time-limited Escapes: Get away from your female pursuers before time runs out so you can save yourself for true love! Be careful, because if you’re caught even once, there's no getting that chastity back!
  • Collectibles: Girls just get in the way of gaming time, amiright!? Collect all the consoles you can find so you can stay a virgin gamer... forever!
  • Unlockable Scenes: Use the coins you get from completing levels to unlock special story content.






  • 限时生存:为了纯爱结局全速疾走,被抓到就会丧失贞操!
  • 收集模式:女人,你挡到我玩游戏了!收集所有游戏机,凭实力单身。
  • 解锁剧情:利用关卡收集到的金币,解锁特殊剧情


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