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Summer Clover 夏色四叶草

Summer Clover 夏色四叶草

Language Support -

English | Chinese


OS Support -

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

恋爱 | live2D | 成人 | 裸露 | 精美画风

Love | live2D | Adult | Nudity | Beautiful painting style

💗Summer Clover💗

An Undexpected Transfer...

You are millions of dollars in debt and struggling to make ends meet as you toil away at your day job for a major conglomorate. Your life takes a frustrating turn for the worse when your colleagues repeatedly and falsely accuse you of sexual harassment.

In a twist of fate, your supervisor Shizuko proposed an undexpected job transfer—A position as housekeeper at your employers' mansion! Along with a significant pay raise, you will also be given free room and board!

However, you'll be spending your time serving the owners of the mansion, who happen to be three unusually captivating sisters...

Prepare for a summer full of blush-worthy, heart-pounding escapades as you tend to the three sisters and your dependable supervisor.



Manage your time at the mansion as you venture through the lighthearted slice-of-life story.

  • Each character has their own fully-developed story
  • Japanese voice acting for the main female characters
  • An exciting array of events and CGs for you to discover
  • The aforementioned “heart-pounding escapades” will all be animated





不仅包吃包住还有丰厚薪资,但是没想到……居住在宅邸的主人居然是身材姣好的三姊妹? !




  • 轻松日常的养成系内容
  • 完整四位女主角的故事
  • 女主角全日文配音
  • 丰富多数的CG事件
  • 脸红心跳的事件将由动态为你呈现


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