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The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication 女鬼桥二 释魂路

The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication 女鬼桥二 释魂路

根據評論,評等為 0.0 顆星(滿分為五顆星)

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English | Chinese


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Windows | Steam Deck


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心里恐怖 | 角色扮演 | 冒险 | 互动 | 恐怖游戏 | 生存恐怖 | 第一人称

Psychological Horror | Role Playing | Adventure | Interactive | Horror Games | Survival

Try to escape with your life in 'The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication', a first-person survival horror adventure set within 'Wen Hua University', renowned in Taiwan for its ghost tales & folklore. Play through the eyes of four distinct characters as you evade and confront terrifying ghosts, unravel mind-bending puzzles, and unearth a sinister conspiracy... Will you survive the night, or become the latest victim of the curse?


Set within the haunting halls of Wen Hua University, renowned for its eerie ghost tales across Taiwan, the university's film club hatches a plan to recruit new members. A daring group of students orchestrates the 'Carnival of Horror ' within the infamously haunted 'Da Ren' building. Intent on resurrecting a decades-old campus mystery for their planned viral horror film, they plunge into the depths of the night to shoot. Yet, as their cameras roll amidst the shadows, the line between fiction and reality blurs, and inexplicable events begin to unfold…


《女鬼桥二 释魂路》

为《女鬼桥 开魂路》第二作,由惊悚电影《女鬼桥 怨鬼楼》全新改编,是一款现代校园题材的第一人称多视角悬疑恐怖游戏。


故事背景 :

故事发生在以十大校园恐怖传说闻名的文华大学里,拥有众多幽灵传说的大忍馆即将举办「恐怖嘉年华」联合迎新活动。一群电影社学生改编过去的校园离奇命案,打算在这里拍摄灵异鬼电影,却在深夜赶拍途中开始遭遇怪事…… 与此同时,收到一封诡异信件的记者,为了追查过往神秘失踪案来到校园,过去未能解开的神秘事件,随着蛛丝马迹一一串连起来,隐藏在暗处的巨大阴谋即将浮现。 试图寻找出路、逃脱鬼楼的过程中,他们逐渐触碰到隐藏在鬼楼背后的骇人真相……逼近的鬼影、巨大的危机,究竟谁可以存活到最后?


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