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THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Remake 死亡之屋 重制版

THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Remake 死亡之屋 重制版

根據評論,評等為 0.0 顆星(滿分為五顆星)

Language Support: -

English | Chinese


OS Support:-

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

第一人称 | 射击 | 丧尸 | 末日 | 枪击 | 生存

First Person | Shooting | Zombies | Doomsday | Shooting | Survival

Nobody leaves here alive!

THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Remake is a remade version of the game introduced in 1997 in arcade platform. A classic arcade rail-shooter receives a whole new entourage and gameplay changes to suit modern gaming standards.


• Well known arcade classic with modern graphics and controls
• True to the original gameplay
• Local 2-player multiplayer
• Multiple endings
• Photomode
• Achievements
• Armory with unlockable weapons
• Hordes of the undead monstrosities in a new game mode
• Gallery with encountered enemies and bosses



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