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Vision Ghost 2 视灵 贰

Vision Ghost 2 视灵 贰

Language Support: -

English | Chinese


OS Support:-

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

文字冒险 | 文字游戏 | 互动小说 | 视觉小说

Text Adventure | Word Game | Interactive Novel | Visual Novel

A commission from a major Japanese corporate family, a task to locate a lost artifact.

For the male and female protagonists who possess the ability to "vision ghost", this was a simple yet highly lucrative routine task.

This family almost entirely resided in a traditional Japanese mansion deep in the mountains,

living an unconventional lifestyle with little outside contact.

However, as the task progressed, a long-obscured yet horrifying secret of the family and the corporation was unexpectedly unveiled.

What's more, it became entangled with a girl's disappearance case from years ago...


Game Features:

1.Visual Novel
2.Over a hundred lascivious CG images
3.Tens of thousands of words of game story, multiple main story lines, each choice leading to different endings.
4.No need to overthink, just choose based on your feelings.
5.Please make good use of the save function to try other options.



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