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Yusetsu v1.00.0 融雪 v1.00.0

Yusetsu v1.00.0 融雪 v1.00.0

根據評論,評等為 0.0 顆星(滿分為五顆星)

Language Support -

English | Chinese


OS Support -

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

SLG | 时间管理 | 恋爱 | 成人 | 裸露 | 互动

SLG | Time Management | Romance | Adult | Nudity | Interaction

This work is an AVG with a pure love theme. The protagonist you play is emotionally frustrated. During the day, you work in the company to make money. By chance, you meet the hostess of the "Yusetsu" bar, Fengxiang, and she brings you here. .Here you can drink and chat with girls, and as their friendliness improves, they will slowly open up to you...- There are 3 girls in the game that you can walk through, 27 CGs are available for collection, and some animations are made using Live2D technology to make them more delicate- Each girl has her own favorite wine, and choosing the right one can greatly improve each other's favorability and unlock more plot interactions- Each character has 40 random feedback and lines, and the girls will react differently depending on how the player interacts with the girls



- 遊戲中有3位女孩可以攻略,27張CG可供收集,部分動畫使用了Live2D技術進行製作,使其更加細膩
- 每名女孩有自己心儀的酒,選對了可以大幅提升彼此的好感度,解鎖更多劇情互動
- 每名角色有40句種隨機的反饋和台詞,根據玩家與女孩們互動的不同,女孩也會做出不同的反應



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